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gijig™ is a Salesforce application that allows you customizable control over credit card transactions, automatic recurring subscriptions, full or partial refunds, backup credit cards, a customizable email system, and out of the box customer driven support.


• Automated recurring subscriptions
• Automated rollover to backup cards
• Rules to auto notify customer to update expiring cards
• Simple portal for customers to update their cards
• Automated receipt emails
• Supports refunds


Whether you’re a C-level executive, a customer service representative, or a systems admin gijig is the answer to help maximize revenue and simplify business processes.

Customizable Business Rules

Easily configure gijig to match your existing process and rules right from the admin.  From email settings to number of credit card attempts, you are in control.


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Recover Lost Revenue

Retrieve revenue locked away in expired credit cards by automatically reaching out to customers and letting customers update their own credit cards through a secure portal branded to match your company.

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Alleviate Stress

When you combine improved cash flow with happy customers, better insight and fewer errors you get more time to kick your feet up and let the stress melt away.

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Insightful Reporting

Gain powerful insight into your existing customer and product data when you add gijig's transaction data to Salesforce.  Easily combine cash flow trends and forecasts with specific customer segments, products and much more to see your business in a whole new way.

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Consolidate Software

Improve efficiency while reducing overhead, training and software costs by streamlining your work flow to a single intuitive interface within gijig on Salesforce.  Our simple data migration allows your business to make a quick and easy transition to gijig by uploading credit cards and customer data in bulk.


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Mind-Blowing Flexability

Every business does things differently, so we built gijig to be flexible to any way you do business.  You can easily associate any payment with leads, orders, accounts or any custom object without the need for Visualforce or apex programming.  You can also easily add fields to any gijig object to track the information you really care about.

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Our Mission

We make recurring transactions simple. gijig provides an accurate, reliable, and interactive experience that helps our customers business flourish.

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Phone Number: (866)937-9779